Having a family with small kids is such a fun adventure. Sometimes you can face medical issues that aren’t always as much fun but they are gonna happen regardless and it is best to find out a bit of information before panicking. Pediatric dermatology is full of specialists who are prepared to help you with all types of skin ailments.

Babies can break out in many types of rashes and irritants and it can make you really nervous and can sometimes be very painful. One of the most common skin conditions is diaper rash and it can get quite severe. Baby bottoms can get so red and sore that they begin to bleed and simply wiping them can cause them pain. The best thing you can do is let the baby roam without a diaper on to let their bottom breathe. Seeking professional help from pediatric dermatology can get you setup with a prescription cream or give you some other great ideas to protect your poor babies bottom. Eczema is a common problem as well as heat rashes and yeast infections. These require special types of antibiotic creams that your specialists can prescribe to you.

Older kids can suffer from many different types of issues as well. They can be mild or severe depending on the condition and each of them has there own treatments. Warts are a very common skin condition that kids have to face. They spread through touching things that the warts have been on and can spread quite rapidly. They cause pain in certain areas of the body especially around the knuckles and fingernails. Warts can begin to bleed if they are bumped and spread drastically faster. Your pediatric dermatology professional may choose to burn off the warts using liquid nitrogen. If the child can handle the pain from treatment that is. If they have multiple warts they may need to be put under for a mild surgery. Whichever way they get removed be sure to ensure the child that they are perfectly normal and happen to everyone.

Another common ailment is dry/oily skin or acne. Kids begin to suffer from acne issues when they approach puberty and it can be devastating to them in their social life. Acne treatment can be minor or major depending on how severe the acne is but either way your child will be glad your helping them solve their problems. Acne can cause unsightly scars and create problems with self confidence. With all the issues teens face nowadays acne doesn’t have to be the worst problem they face with professional help. The pediatric dermatologist can advise you on many things you can do at home to help relieve the symptoms and reduce the amount of scarring. Around 60 million Americans suffer from acne.

Skin conditions can affect your self esteem, daily lives, and cause unnecessary pain. Visit your local pediatric dermatology center specialists to help with any and all questions and concerns you may have.

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