Hipaa compliant software

For many people, getting to a doctor’s office for routine check-ups, therapy, or to ask a simple question is inconvenient. For some, who may be chronically ill or reside in rural areas, a short doctor’s visit may be next to impossible. Fortunately, telemedicine software is able to bridge the gaps in accessibility and make it easier for patients to get the medical attention they need, even if timing, transportation, and health issues would otherwise make it difficult to do so.

One of the biggest concerns that patients have with telemedicine video conferencing solutions is privacy. Many clinics and doctors’ offices use strictly HIPAA compliant video conferencing software, meaning that the patients’ information is protected. Most clinics have extra network protection to prevent security breaches and to keep patients’ information secure.

Another concern many patients have is telemedicine reimbursement. Depending on the clinic and telemedicine provider, telemedicine can be quite expensive, leaving patients wondering how to pay for it. Fortunately, in the District of Columbia and 23 other states, telemedicine reimbursement is required to be provided by insurance companies at the same rate as any other medical service. Medicaid and Medicare also cover most types of telemedicine, though coverage by vary by state, patient circumstances, and services provided.

Lastly, patients are concerned about their safety when utilizing telemedicine services. The American Telemedicine Association has standardized practice guidelines for physicians to follow when utilizing telemedicine technology. Patients using telemedicine are put in contact with the same doctors and nurses they would be talking to in person if they went to their office or clinic, so they know that they are qualified medical professionals.

Telemedicine is a rapidly-growing industry, and has made enormous strides increasing accessibility of medical care for people in need. If you would be interested in receiving treatment via telemedicine, talk to your doctor to find out if that is a possibility.

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