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There are many situations in which long-term medical care can become necessary. Recovery from a fracture, stroke or heart attack can take a long time. Elderly parents may no longer be capable of living alone and need to be in an environment where round the clock care can be provided. In such cases, patients cannot be cared for at home, since medical supervision becomes necessary. For long term elder care and post-hospitalization care, a nursing home can be the best option, giving patients a measure of independent living with 24-hour medical care on site.

Nursing homes have facilities that can’t be matched by home care. When someone needs long term care, it can be impossible to provide this at home. A nursing home removes this burden from families by providing a secure and comfortable environment for recovery, rehabilitation and long term care.

Post-hospitalization care for injuries and illness
A nursing home is a place for people who don’t need to be in a hospital but can’t be cared for at home. For certain types of injuries and illnesses, like fractures and cardiac related incidents, the recovery process can be long and difficult. While the patient no longer needs to be in hospital, close medical supervision is necessary. A nursing home with qualified nursing aides and nurses on duty round the clock offers the best option for post-hospitalization care.

For those suffering from asthma and various pulmonary disorders
, a nursing home provides a sterile and clean environment which is almost impossible to duplicate in an ordinary home. As well as medical supervision, many nursing homes provide other services, like physical, speech and occupational therapy.

Elder care in a community setting
Many nursing homes realize that it is a difficult choice for the elderly and their families to decide that they can no longer live independently. Many nursing homes are designed like a shared home or community, where residents can enjoy semi-independent living. There are shared kitchens and common areas, as well as private bedrooms and living areas. In many cases, married couples can continue living together.

While offering independent housing options, nursing homes continue to provide the medical care and supervision needed by the elderly. In this respect they are different from senior residential facilities, and suitable for those who have special medical needs. Some nursing homes may have special units for the elderly with memory loss problems, since they need a higher level of care.

Long term care in a comfortable environment
Nursing homes offer different types of care and in doing so remove the burden from families who are unable to provide medical care at home. The main types of care nursing homes provide include the following:

  • Restorative care
  • Dementia care
  • Respite care
  • Palliative care for end of life

In most cases, nursing homes have a staff of trained therapists to provide physical and occupational therapy as part of the recovery process. Nursing homes offer many advantages over home care for long term medical needs. It may be a difficult decision to choose a nursing home for yourself or a family member. It is a good idea to visit a few nursing homes in your area and talk to staff, residents and families before making this important decision.

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