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You may know that a massage can be the epitome of relaxation techniques, but do you know the health benefits of therapeutic massages? The benefits of massage therapy are numerous. For some people the benefits can include relief from the symptoms of insomnia, chronic headaches, anxiety, and of course myofascial trigger points.

How Can a Relaxing Service Effect All Those Troubling Physical Symptoms?

You might be skeptical about the idea that a massage could relieve your migraine symptoms. Would you have faith in a hospital trusting this idea? In a study of 1,007 hospitals by the American Hospital Association about their complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM, roughly 82% of the respondents said that massage therapy was included in their offerings.

Do you think the health benefits of therapeutic massages can be quantitatively measured? The International Journal of Preventative Medicine asked this question, and decided to proceed with a study on hypertension levels in adult women a few days after they had received a massage. It was found that in pre-hypertensive women, lower blood pressure could be observed even up to 72 hours following a therapeutic massage.

Not All Massages Are Equal: What to Know About Pressure, Time Length, And Body Parts.

The health benefits of therapeutic massages work when a specific massage technique is used to address a specific problem, but there is some overlap between some health problems and certain techniques. For example, massage sessions can last between 15 to 90 minutes. The client will experience some relaxation no matter which time length they choose, but to reap certain benefits they’ll need to discuss their symptoms with their massage therapist.

A 15 minute scalp massage may relieve most of a your migraine symptoms, but that same massage will not help if it is your shoulder with a trigger point that is bothering you. This is why it is important to discuss your muscle aches and pains with the massage therapist. They will be able to recommend the treatment that will best relieve your discomfort.

What You Need to Know About Massage Therapy Going Forward.

Using massage therapy is fairly simple, but there are some points to keep in mind. First, ask for a consultation to ascertain the best treatment for your unique needs. If you are experiencing discomfort in several areas, the massage therapist may recommend multiple treatments. This may show up as a recommendation for deep tissue massage for myofascial muscle pain, Swedish massage for hypertension, and a scalp massage for chronic migraines.

Because of the reoccurring nature of trigger points, migraines, insomnia, etcetera, your therapist may recommend a schedule of care. The health benefits of therapeutic massages work best when repeated. Of course, the results do not last forever and the therapy needs to be regularly scheduled for you to experience lasting relief.

A massage is a wonderful way to relax. But it can also be a wonderful way to relieve stubborn symptoms of chronic conditions. The health benefits of therapeutic massages have helped many people find relief, of which you could be one. If you’re curious about this type of therapy, talk to your doctor or a recommended massage therapist in your area.

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