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By the time they hit 35, two-thirds of American men will have experienced a noticeable degree of hair loss. Men are typically expected to take hair loss at face value and accept it, despite the fact that it can be a major hit to their self-esteem, or simply aesthetically displeasing to their personal taste. Hair loss is not something that many women put up with, and it should not be something that anyone should be forced to accept if they don?t wish to, regardless of gender. But, you may wonder, what can be done about it?

What Is A FUE Hair Transplant?

Among the primary methods of extracting follicular units ? that is, the naturally occurring groups of 1 to 4 hairs ? for transplantation, a FUE hair transplant involves using a tiny ?punch? ranging from .7 to 1 millimeter to remove each unit of hair for transplant. A FUE hair transplant is a great way to fight hair loss with as natural a look as possible, and with the right hair loss specialist at work, can involve minimal discomfort and little to no side effects. Unlike some more radical technique, A FUE hair transplant uses your own hair and is thus low-risk.

Why A Hair Transplant? Why Not Choose Temporary Means?

Often, people second-guess their need for a hair transplant, wondering if instead a temporary covering of hair loss ? like a toupee, for example ? is the fix that they need. Their concerns can range from the cost of a hair transplant to the appearance of a hair transplant. Rest assured that a FUE hair transplant is far more realistic than any and all kinds of toupees or wigs. Furthermore, though the upfront cost of a hair transplant is intimidating to some, your hair clinic will often work with you on prices and offer several different options. Another consideration is that a hair transplant is permanent, making its cost a bit less impactful in the long term. And though the healing time following an FUE transplant is dependent upon your skin type, you can expect grafts to take within days and any redness to disappear in 4 to 5 days. The procedure itself also takes a mere 8 hours, and which means that it can be done in the space of a day.

The thing to remember about hair restoration is that the goal is to produce a look that is both natural and permanent. Any insecurities a client experiences about their appearance should be gone after a successful FUE hair transplant, and if all goes according to plan, they should expect to feel years younger. A hair transplant may seem minor; but its impact can be major.

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