In this vide you will see the 73 questions with an Otolaryngologist. An Otolaryngologist is also known as an ENT, which means ear nose and throat physician. This video highlights different medical specialties to get a better idea of the life of full time attending physician.
This video is about journey and experiences as a physician. First few questions are about the physician’s personal experience, educational background, how he developed interest of this field etc.

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The physician is not into academics, he is currently in private practice as he loves the freedom of his job.
A few cons of being an ear doctor are also discussed. Most of the otolaryngologists are sub-specialized. To some being an ear doctor is not a desired job, but those who once got into this job they love it. Ear doctors are actually doing the great job as they are doing both medicine and surgery. They can treat everyone from newborns to people in their hundreds.
It is the most inspiring and exciting job as they have a lot of variety, they can pick one specialty unlike others who are supposed to do the same job every day. They can be an ear, nose or throat specialist. This video will serve as a complete guide for those who are interested in otolaryngology.

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