Macular degeneration treatment

If you have any number of eye problems or suffer from several eye diseases, your ophthalmologist or eye doctor may recommend surgery. One common operation is vitrectomy surgery. In this procedure the vitreous humor, or parts of it, is removed from the eye. This term is generally used to describe several procedures.

Things to Expect After Your Surgery:

It is very common to experience some tenderness, swelling and even a bit of bruising after this procedure. You will see this around the outside of the impacted eye. There will be some discomfort in the form of pressure and pain. You will heal faster if you follow your doctor’s instructions for dealing with the pain that you experience. Pain can hinder the work of the immune system.

At the very beginning of your recovery from this surgery, the tear duct may leak uncontrollably. This is normal and will stop on its own. Use facial tissue to deal with this. You can also place it on your pillow to handle it.

Tips for Recovering from Vitrectomy Surgery:

1. Get enough rest.

You will need more rest after your operation. Recovering from surgery takes a lot of energy and you will need your rest. Take frequent naps and try to relax. This a good time to pamper yourself a little. Try not to worry about work or other things.

Be careful after vitrectomy surgery because it might impact your depth perception. Just be careful when you walk around your home and if you go out in public.

2. Pay attention to the instructions from your physician after vitrectomy surgery.

That probably be said of any operation people undergo. Your doctor will give you instructions for what you should do during your recovery from vitrectomy surgery. Follow these instructions to the letter. This means you should take your medications as prescribed. Sometimes the pain medication that your doctor gives you can cause constipation. Talk to your physician’s office about this and they can give you suggestions. Often they prescribe Colace to help with this.

3. Be careful when it comes to lifting your head after vitrectomy surgery in California.

Rather than do this to drink, use straws. You may want to switch to softer and easier to chew foods for the period of time right after your vitrectomy surgery. Keep foods and drinks on lower shelves. Ask people to get things from higher shelves rather than raising your head too far.

4. You may want to take baths right after your operation.

It may be easier to take baths where you can keep your head down after your vitrectomy surgery rather than showers. Some people say that a hand shower is very useful after surgery. Put all of your shampoo, conditioner, soap, facial cleanser at a lower level so that they will be easier for you to reach.

5. Wear comfortable clothing that can be slipped on.

When you are recovering from any kind of surgery, you should plan to wear whatever is most comfortable and easiest for you to deal with. This is not the time to worry about fashion.

6. Sleep face down.

Many doctors prefer people sleep this way after a vitrectomy surgery. This is often something that people have to spend some time working on to get used to. If you work at it, you will get used to it and it will not be a problem for you. Keep some tissues near your bed so that you can have them if your eye is still leaking.

7. Keep yourself from getting bored.

Before your surgery, you may want to stock your DVR up or think about what Netflix shows and movies you want to watch to keep from getting too bored during your recovery. You can also take short walks and do some light workouts such as those that stretch the rest of your body. They also make it easier to sleep. This can also be a good time to catch up with friends and family on the phone.

Recovery from vitrectomy surgery may take a little time but if you have suffered with macular degeneration, macular pucker or some other eye conditions, your life will be improved by having the procedure. The vast majority of people are happy after it is all done.

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