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Thousands of Americans visit the doctor every day. Common reasons that bring patients into a medical clinic are unbearable back pain, ankle sprains, anxiety, dizziness, abdominal pain, and the need for physical therapy. It’s critical not to avoid going to a doctor if you experience one of these conditions or another chronic condition. By 2030, it’s estimated that six out of 10 young adults will be managing some chronic condition.

Back Pain
Approximately 69% of Americans state that they deal with lower back pain, affecting their day-to-day life. About 40% of individuals try to avoid going to a medical clinic for their back pain. Four out of 10 people try exercising to alleviate some of the back pain. While exercise is important for anyone, it’s not advisable to exercise with back pain before seeking medical help as the pain and condition could worsen.

Ankle Sprains
According to reports, nearly 25,000 Americans suffer from ankle sprains each day. Over 80% of ankle sprains are a result of inward rolling or inversion of the ankle. If an ankle sprain is a possibility, it’s important to seek medical clinics Seattle as soon as possible to receive proper treatment.

Between stress, depression, the food you eat, anxiety can occur in anyone’s life. It can be quite a debilitating condition. Top doctors should be considered when treating and managing anxiety.

Dizziness is a common condition many patients face. In fact, dizziness is the second most common issue that patients present to their doctor. It’s estimated that approximately 65% of individuals over the age of 60 experience dizziness and/or loss of balance each day.

Abdominal Pain
This is another symptom you shouldn’t ignore. When you’re experiencing abdominal pain, it could be something serious like appendicitis. It’s best to rule out the worse case scenarios. If your pain is associated with vomiting, nausea, or any other symptoms, it could be a clue you need to be seen by medical center emergency room as soon as possible. If you have persistent abdominal pain that is a frequent level of pain or gets worse, check with your local doctors to ensure it’s nothing serious.

Physical Therapy
If you are in need of physical therapy for knee pain or any other reason, it’s important to commit to each appointment. Without physical therapy, you may worsen your condition and it may take even longer to heal.

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