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You have been waiting all year and your vacation is finally here. But before you kick back, relax, and dive in to all of the adventure that your destination has to offer, it’s important to take health and safety measures. By knowing how to keep yourself healthy during your vacation, you can make your time away as relaxing and rewarding as possible. The following are some key tips to follow before and during your next getaway.

  1. Take care of yourself while flying. Americans get about 1 billion colds every year, and airplanes are breeding grounds for these germs. While you are sitting in such close quarters to people, consider taking immunity supplements and be sure to drink plenty of water. Once you get off the plane, wash your hands thoroughly.
  2. Locate the nearest urgent care clinic. When you arrive at your destination, ask your hotel about the closest hospital urgent care centers. This way, you can be prepared in the event of an injury or health emergency.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing. By wearing supportive shoes, you can protect yourself from injury while hiking or walking around. This will prevent the need for fracture care. It’s also important to dress for the weather so you don’t get too cold or hot during your vacation. If you forgot some key clothing items, ask your hotel where you can buy replacements.
  4. Practice outdoor safety. No one wants to go to the hospital for fracture care after taking a tumble during a hike. Avoid unnecessarily risky activities, and when you do go on adventures, follow all safety instructions. If you are working with a guide, listen to their instructions closely.
  5. Watch what you eat. Food and water contamination is one of the main sources of vacation sickness. Avoid eating fruits right off of the trees and practice care when eating at restaurants. Your hotel will be able to tell you whether it’s safe to drink the tap water. When in doubt, purchase bottled water.

By practicing these simple safety tips, you can keep yourself healthy and free of injury all throughout your vacation. This will let you soak every ounce of relaxation and fun out of this experience.

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