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If you’ve been worried about your testosterone count as of late, there is no reason why you should be fearful of going to the doctor. The doctor is the one who can run tests and see how your hormones are doing however if you are looking for signs yourself, there are a few you can keep your eyes out for that might be able to signal a testosterone problem before even going into the office. You should not feel alone if you think you have low hormone levels, though. About 13 million American men may have low testosterone, and this can happen with age and other causes.

Ninety percent of men who have low T get not treatment. If you feel like you might have low levels, you can go to a local urgent care center to get tested, or your PCP. Here are four signs you should look out for.

1. You have a low sex drive

One of the main signs of low testosterone is having a low sex drive or not being bale to perform during sex. Natural testosterone supplements might be able to help the condition, but if you notice a change in sex drive, you’ll want to head to your doctor to get it checked out and find a solution.

2. You have hair loss

If you notice you are losing a lot more hair than normal when you are showering or just going about your daily activities, this is another sign that you might be in need of a doctor’s visit. Low T might result in balding and might require male hormone treatment.

3. You feel tired all the time

Another big indicator is feeling fatigued all the time. If you keep getting enough hours of sleep but never feel rested and always feel out of energy, it might be time to go to the doctor. Low energy levels can signal a bunch of different illnesses, including low T. You might be able to take natural testosterone supplements to get energy levels back up, but only after talking to your urgent care doctor or PCP.

4. You’re gaining body fat but not changing eating habits

Testosterone levels vary from man to man, and there is no “right” number. However, if you notice this sign, it might be time to go talk to y our doc and see if there is a good solution to bring levels back up if they are low. Natural testosterone supplements might be able to be an option if you do not want to go on a hormonal treatment. Visiting a family medicine doctor can also help you find a solution.

If you’re thinking of going to the doctor to talk about low T, it’s a great idea. There is no reason to be afraid!

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