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Telemedicine software and telehealth solutions in general have exploded in the last couple years. The rapid advancement of technology has given way to a flood of new ways and services to treat all kinds of different conditions. One of the areas in which telemedicine software has especially grown in popularity is in terms of treating children with mental illnesses. According to federal statistics, one in five children currently has or had a seriously debilitating mental disorder. The prevalence of mental disorders and the improvements in telemedicine platforms has created the perfect opportunity to develop these new procedures to help struggling kids.

    1.) Availability: The number one benefit of telehealth technologies in general is their ease of access and availability. To be able to communicate with a physician or psychiatrist at a moments notice is a luxury unique to this generation. It can be difficult to schedule appointments around a parent and child’s life which is why convenience is probably the most important of advantages of telemedicine.

    2.) Less Intimidating: Children with mental disorders are many times more anxious and sometimes afraid to go out in the world. The smallest of things can be a challenge for them, and talking to adults is many times a dreaded activity. Which is why the idea of talking to them virtually is probably much less intimidating than having to travel to a foreign office and wait to meet a doctor or psychiatrist in their office. A higher proportion of telepsychiatry appointments were kept than face-to-face appointments (92% to 87%), according to one 18 month study. Another found that telepsychiatry appointments were significantly less likely to be cancelled by patients (3.5% to 4.8%). There’s no telling the benefits being comfortable and more open can have when communicating with a healthcare professional, but chances are it’s important.

    3.) Extra Benefits: One of the added bonuses to establishing telemedicine software as your child’s go-to resource is the experience and learning they’ll get from using such technologies. Depending on the specific condition and severity of their disorder they might have difficulty using computers and the elements that go with it. By having to consistently use such devices for medical reasons they’re sure to develop better similar skills overall.

Telemedicine is a burgeoning and advancing field with an unlimited potential. Helping children with mental disorders is just one of the many ways telemedicine software can be utilized to make the world a better place.

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