Phase 3 clinical trial drugs

Studies are conducted for a wide variety of reasons. Certain studies involve looking at the effectiveness of phase 3 clinical trial drugs while others look at what illnesses are present within a test subject. In a similar manner to how epilepsy studies help those suffering from this ailment, sleep studies are done for those seeking relief from sleeping problems. That being said, it’s understandable wondering what to expect before a sleep study begins. With that in mind, here are three things to expect after enrolling in a PSG sleep study.

  1. Prepare to be Fitted With Monitors

    It’s important that you arrive a sleep study towards the end of your day. With that in mind, sleep studies are typically scheduled during nighttime hours. After entering the PSG sleep study facility, you’ll likely fill out a few pages of paperwork. You’ll be expected to answer a wide series of questions which may include the presence of any drugs within your system. For instance, someone taking phase 3 clinical trial drugs would definitely want to note this information in their paperwork. As testing is about to begin, you’ll be fitted with monitors on various locations throughout your person. These monitors will usually be taped and attached to your chest, stomach, legs, head, and other areas of the body.
  2. Don’t Worry About Not Being Able to Sleep

    One common worry of those who are entering a PSG study is worrying about falling asleep. That being said, you’ll find that it’s easy to rest once you’re ready to begin testing. It’s extremely rare that a sleeping test becomes a failure due to a subject’s inability to sleep. Patients are given plenty of time to prepare for and eventually fall into a state of rest.
  3. What Happens After Your Results Arrive

    After conducting a sleep study, it’s understandable to wonder when you’ll receive results. The typical time range for sleep study results to arrive will vary, it usually takes about a week. When the time arrives, you’ll likely be scheduled to visit with a specialist in order to discuss your test results. This step is especially important as it allows a medical professional to begin advising you in regards to how to obtain relief from sleep problems.

In conclusion, there are several things to expect before taking part in a sleep study. You’ll first need to fill out paperwork before being fitted with a series of monitors. This paperwork is needed to inform the sleep center of any medications you’re taking including phase 3 clinical trial drugs. That being said, it’s best to not enroll in a sleep test while knowingly taking drugs for the purpose of a clinical trial. After being fitted with monitors, you’ll simply want to allow yourself to sleep. Within about a week, you’ll likely receive your test results that will be discussed with a medical professional.

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