Botanical name: Aloe barbadensis

Plant type: Houseplant

Sun exposure: Full Sun

Aloe Vera grows its leaves from its center base. It can be planted in a pot which can be put near kitchen window. Juice of this plant is pretty good for healing burning and scrapes problems.


  1. It should be planted in a pot having well-draining potting capability
  2. It must be placed before artificial light or indirect sunlight


  1. You must water aloe plant deeply and allow the soil to dry for discouraging the rot.
  2. This plant produces plantlets or offsets that can be removed for producing a new plant.
  3. Pot aloe in a standard potting mix and place it before sunlight.


This plant is prone to scale and mealybugs.  The most common diseases of this plant are fungal stem, leaf rot, root rot, and soft rot.

Recommended Varieties

The most attractive aloes are Partridge Breasted Aloe (Aloe variegata), Lace Aloe (A. aristata) and Tiger.

Wit & Wisdom

 If you wish to lessen down your dandruff, massage your scalp with aloe vera.